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Underlay at TR Carpets

Competitively priced underlay at TR Carpets

The benefits of Underlay:

• adds a cushioned depth of comfort underfoot

• acts like a shock absorber, protecting the condition of your floor

• acts as a barrier against noise and helps with soundproofing

• acts as an insulator and could save you money on your energy bills!


TR Carpets Cleethorpes offer a comprehensive range of underlay for your new carpets ,sometimes overlooked and even dismissed as a pointless additional expense, underlay is actually an integral element that shapes how flooring feels, wears and looks. It’s key to the finish of your floor and the longevity of your flooring. Getting the right underlay will ensure you get your money’s worth!

Underlay adds a level of cushioning underneath your carpet, luxury vinyl tile, laminate or engineered wood flooring making it much more comfortable for your feet to walk on.

Underlay can also help towards reducing your energy bills by a significant amount as it traps heat under your floor, insulating the room and keeping it warm. This insulation doesn’t just stop at heat though, underlay also helps to insulate against sound, keeping in-room noise to a minimum which can be a great benefit for upstairs rooms or if you live in a flat. Its important to note that there is more than one kind of underlay. Read on to discover the underlay that will suit your room and flooring type best.

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